ICT in ELT: Pre Forum

Continuing my update on the ICT forum, I would to say that it has been great this experience with online seminars. Our chat sessions have been really helpful in what they gave me some background knowledge of the situation, even though I did mess up a few times. Some of the participants expressed their concerns on the overuse of technology which they claim would take human genuine communication out of their teaching. 

We are discussing three strands in the forum right now: a survey on IT use, the digital divide, and retraining the trainers. Through the survey, some participants wrote about what they were doing in the ICT field. Not surprisingly, there is lots software out there I had never heard of. Most of them shared websites and names platforms for building quizzes and interactive activities. One looks particularly interesting “Hot Potatoes.”  I promise I will check the sites and put them on this blog in case someone feels like giving them a try. One thing that was said (and I agree it is true) is that there are just too many resources on the web and teachers sometimes feel overloaded with the amount of websites and platforms and so on. 

On the digital divide strand , we are discussing we can bridge it. How we EL teachers help our students use IT when they cannot afford to have a computer themselves, or the school we work at has only one computer. The general idea is using what your have and show students and teachers that computers or any other IT won’t bite them. It is vital to get used to technology and make it useful. 

On retraining the trainers, we are discussing how important it is to keep updated with ICT and  the role of training in making technology and integrated part of the language class. 



2 thoughts on “ICT in ELT: Pre Forum

  1. Bee says:

    I am glad you are enjoying your course. For some examples of exercises using hotpotatoes, check out the exercise page I have shared online.

  2. Hi, just testing a funny computer.

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