ICT in ELT: Resources and use of technology

We are now in passed the middle of our online seminar. This has been a great experience for me. I have been posting too much on the open threads of discussion on the panel. However I have been reading all the posts, which keeps me quite busy. Every time I open my mail there about 30 new messages to be read. Some of them I copy, paste and save into my computer because they discuss valuable issues for my practice as an English teacher. Some of them have links which sometimes I open and add to favorites. 

This online seminar is for me an eye opener showing how much you can learn through ICT. While I am being exposed to the different tech gadgets they talk about I am thinking on how to use this with my students. It is really amazing to see how much technology is out there that I do not know to use, actually I did not even know that they existed. Some of them I knew they existed, but did not know what they were called. 

At this point I am better off than when I began. So far I have found out a lot about Cop (Communities of Practice) and their usefulness for teacher development. I am part of a community of practice already and I want to create another one with some teachers from the school where I work to discuss relevant things in the field of language teaching. 

The approach to technology, I am adopting form myself is playing around with these new gadgets and found out how to use them. So far I have learned hot use Odeo, which is a voice mail device. With Odeo or Springdoo you can record your voice and send to someone’s e-mail. I am having fun with this one. Concerning the class work, I am going to introduce these new things to my students through tasks. My approach will be taking them to the lab and teach step by step how to use ICT and then move on to more complex tasks. 

That is all for now. I will keep you posted. 




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