How about blogging

Dear T. Flexers, I am here to invite you to blog with me. Blogging is a little similar to a virtual diary. This is a space for us to be in contact when we are not in class. Some things you can do here are, for example, to place a comment about something you liked or did not like about the class. It can also be about something you have read, heard or learned. Another thing you can do is comment on what I or somebody else has written. In our first unit we are talking about some subjects like traveling and sports. How about starting sharing some ideas on this topic? Or how about saying what you think of the idea of blogging? If you have ever blogged, and so on. Let’s see how it goes. All the best 

José Antônio  



5 thoughts on “How about blogging

  1. Paulo Oliveira says:

    Hi teacher, It`s very important for us to know other tools to improve our english…..tanks for this.

    Hi Paulo,

    Thanks for your comment. You are right, the ore tools you have the more you learn. I hope to see you more often on this page.

    All the best.

    José Antônio

  2. Beatriz says:

    A liked so much this ideia. It`s a good form to talk, to write and I hope so I can use. Congratulations my teacher !

    Hi Bia,

    Good that you liked it. Is is indeed a good form to learn. I also hope you use it a lot.


    José Antônio

  3. Artemis says:


    It’s very good this form of communication. I’am with very doubts about lesson 10. It’s correct write this:-The buildings in Rome are much modern than the buildings in New York.- This exercise isn’t very difficult. The next exercise is more difficult much than this one.
    I’am confuse when use much or more. Can I use much than?
    Thanks a lot.

  4. Hi Artemis,
    This is indeed a nice way of communications and learning.
    About your question you would have to write “The buildings in Rome are much more modern than the …” or “São Paulo is much bigger than Brasília” You follow the same rules for comparatives (short and long adjectives) and add “much”. Ex. much faster, much more interesting. So it´s “much more + adj+ than” or “much + adj + er + than” Hope it is clear. If it isn´t, please contact me.
    All the best
    José Antônio

  5. Andrea says:

    Hi, Dear Teacher

    I´m excuse you for about the “absent” last class. I have the suggestions about to you blogg.If you could put the suggestion for the audiobooks or books.
    Before that forget,I´m reading the speak up and there is the article about Olinda,it´s very interested.
    So for the time it´s for all.

    Bye, see you later
    Andréa Míriam

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