Happy Easter

To all of you my dear students, I would like to wish the happiest of all Easters. I wish you renew your faith in God and your hopes for a better life amongst the ones you love. And how about you? What does Easter mean to you? What are your expectations? Please leave your messages to your classmates or comment on these questions.

Best wishes  José Antônio 



Teacher please help me

Dear Students, 

Like we have agreed in class, I am making a space available to you to post your doubts, questions or any other comment about our class. 

All the best 

José Antônio 


Teacher’s help

Hi dear students, 

This is a place for you to ask questions you have about anything concerning homework or any other class assignments or even any other subject related to English. 

Hope to make this page a reference for all of us. 

Big hug 

José Antônio 


Hello Juvenile Crew

Hi Guys, Welcome to our blog page. This is a place for us to exchange ideas and communicate when we are not in class. I would love to see your comments on anything you want on this page. 

This class we will be talking about friends and other important people. How about writing a little about your best friend or a family member you like very much. All the best 

José Antônio 

My best friend

Hi everyone, Welcome to our page on the Internet. First let me say I loved being your teacher. This is such a nice group. This is place where we are going to learn some English. Here we can write what we want and read what other people wrote. Isn’t this a good idea? What do you think? 

Let’s start talking about your best friend or your favorite person in your family. We do it like we did in class to describe Great and her brother Sean. Good luck 

José Antônio 


What I like on TV.

Dear Inside out 3B’s 

Welcome to my blog. To begin with let me know about what you like to watch on TV. Something I have watched and really liked was The 4400. How about you? Have you seen it? What is your favorite show? Why do you like it? 

Also help me choose a title for this section of this blog. What name do you suggest? 


Food Habits/Favorite Restaurant

In this first meeting we were talking about breakfast and snacks. We sure got hungry, didn’t we? Like I told you, I usually have milk with cereal and coffee for breakfast. And you, what do you usually have for breakfast? You can also talk about your family members’ breakfast habits if you want to.  What about going to restaurants? Where do you usually go? What do you usually have? I myself, go to nu céu sometimes. I usually have pizza. And you?