Welcome to the world of blogging

Hi Saturday crew. This is our blog page. The idea is experimenting and playing with it. Blogging is a good way of developing your reading and writing abilities. I am inviting you to share your views on any topic you want. I was checking what we are going to study and in this first Saturday and saw that we will be talking about breakfast and food in general. So how about dropping a line about this topic?  If you need help you can ask me or access a good online dictionary   to help you write what you want. You can also write in Portuguese if you really don’t know. The idea is writing, reading, and learning.
Best regards  José Antônio    


7 thoughts on “Welcome to the world of blogging

  1. Cesinha de Santis says:

    Hi teacher, good morning!!!

    I’m happy of study of you! And wait to meet your expectations!!!

    Congratulations and thank you very mach…

    God’s bless you and all family!!!

    Hi Cesar,

    Thanks  a lot for the nice post. It will be a pleasure for me to have you in this group. God bless you too!

  2. Renata says:

    Hiiii teacher! I like your blog very much.
    Kiss, bye : )

    Hi Renata,

    Good to know you liked my blog. I think it will look much better when I get comments from all you on many subjects.

    See you next Saturday

  3. allan lima says:

    I hope that this year i learn English and make many friens in my English class. you is many funny that creates a nice environment with new students.

    Dear Allan,

    It is very nice to have you here with us. Welcome to CTJ. I agree with you, making friends is one the most important things in life. Let´s create this nice evironment together.

    See you!

  4. LIA TAKAHASHI says:


    WELCOME TO CTJ. BEM…eu como aluna,espero muito poder alcançar os objetivos proposto por esta instituição que da qual tenho muito respeito.Quero deixar resgistrado aqui, que amo loucamente este idioma, mas como um ser humano normal….tenho lá as minhas dificuldades.Mas sei que posso contar com o meu TEACHER e com a minha capacidade também.Obrigada pela sua forma simples e inteligente de se apresentar a turma.

    PS: Teacher, next time I promise comment evereting in english . OK?

    Dear Lia,

    It is nice to have students who love English like you. This sure does make our job easier. Thanks for the warm welcome message. I will be wainting for the promised one in English.


  5. *********Thamiris******** says:

    **********************Welcame Teacher*******************
    I’m happy with the fist class.I very a lot English…I love study this language….because is a language very beautiful and important.
    Hope that we are a grup very united.


    Thamiris Aparecida de Oliveira Castro

    Dear Thamiris, (that´s anice name)

    Thanks for wecoming me. It is really good when you get to a new place and people are nice to you. I will do my best to have a united group. You can count on me for that.

    All the best.

  6. marise says:

    Hello,class is very good to be with you.

    Hi Marise,

    Thanks for teh message. It is very nice for us to be with too.

    See you next Saturday.

  7. Dear Saturday group,

    It was nice to read all your posts. From now let´s move on to the next topic. How about talking a little about FOOD. See the next entry/thread.


    José Antônio

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