My best friend

Hi everyone, Welcome to our page on the Internet. First let me say I loved being your teacher. This is such a nice group. This is place where we are going to learn some English. Here we can write what we want and read what other people wrote. Isn’t this a good idea? What do you think? 

Let’s start talking about your best friend or your favorite person in your family. We do it like we did in class to describe Great and her brother Sean. Good luck 

José Antônio 



25 thoughts on “My best friend

  1. Juliane says:

    My friend’s name is Dominike, she is from Brasil. She’s twelve years old and her birthday is on May 21 st.
    Her best friend name is Danielle, her favorite band is Rappa and her favorite singer is Ivete Sangalo.
    Dominike interested in computers and the hobbie is dancing.

    Hi Juliane,

    Thanks for posting on my blog. I hope you do it more often.

    José Antônio

  2. joao says:

    my best friend is joao .He is twelve years old .He likes to play video-game.He is from brasilía;and lives Park way.

  3. Jordana says:

    My best friend is Amanda Cristina,she´s from in Brasilia,her brirthday is on December 10 , her best friend is Rayan Bersan,her favorite singer is Britney Spears,her favorite band is Cold Play,her hobby is voley,she is interested in moovie,she´s so cool!!!

    Hi JOrdana,

    This posting was cool too. Amanda is a great friend, isn´t she?

  4. kimberly says:

    My best frind
    Her name is Larrisa. She is 11 years old. Her birthday is on May 02. Her favorite band is RBD and her favorite singer is Anahí. Her favorite food is hamburger and her hobbies are playing handball and dancing. She is very important in my life.

    Hi Kimberly,

    It is really good to have friends. They are really important for us.

    Keep visiting our page.

  5. paloma e karol says:


    Hi Girls,

    Very nice toknow about your friends.

  6. Cainã and Gustavo says:

    My best friend name is Peter,he is very funny.He likes soccer and video game,but he dislikes coffee.His birthday is on april 10th.He is from brasília.His hobbies are playing video game and playing computer.


    It sure is nce ot have friends.


  7. morte says:

    my best firend is morte he from brazil he robess soccer and video gaeme

    Hi there, 

    This is a different name for a friend, but a friend is always a friend.

  8. Mateus says:

    my best friend name is Marcus, he’s from in brasilia ,and he’s eleven years old .His birthday is on 8th of february,i am his best friend and Britiney spears is his favorite singer,and his favorite band is metalica.He’s interested in play football and play ping-pong.

    HI Marcus,

    Very nice and complete description of a friend. I also like Metalica.

  9. paloma e karol says:


    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE OUR FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dominike says:

    My friend’s name is Juliane, she’s from Brasil, she’s twelve years old. Juliane’s is birthday’s july 25 st, her best friend is Marina.
    Her favorite singer is Kelly Clarkson,her is favorite band is Simple Plan.
    Juliane hobbies tv and computer. She is interested in computer.

    Hi Dominike,

    Juliane seems to be a ncie friend. It is good to have frieends. They are very imortant in our lives.

  11. João Gabriel says:

    My best friend’s name is Jessica, She is fronm Taguatinga, She is 14 years old, her birthday is in July 15, her best friend is Renata, her favorite band is Guns N’Roses, her favorite singer is Axl Rose, her hoobs are Theates and Basketball, She is interested in music.

  12. Mateus says:

    My friend´s name is Luiza.She is from in Taguatinga-Sul,she is fourteen years old.Her birthday on July 7,her best friend is Nayara.Her favorite singer is Jenifer Lopez,her favorite band is 50 cent .Her hobbies sre tennis and voleyball.She is interested in computers.

  13. jackeline says:

    my friend’s name is barbara she is from taguatinga, she is 12 years old, her birthday is november 22nd, her best friend is luiza, her favorite singer is claudia leite, her favorite band is chiclete com banana, her hobby is dancing, she is interesed in dancing.

  14. Patrícia says:

    My friend’s name is Gabriel.He’s from Brasília.He’s 14 years old and his birthday is on July 1st.His best friend is Junior.His favorite singer is Chorão and his favorite band is Linkin Park.His hobbies are playing basketball and using the computer.He’s interested in sleep and books.

  15. My best friend name’s Philipe and he’s fourteen years old.He likes to play soccer and play computer games.He’s from Brasília and his interesting is practice sports.His hobbies are listen different types of music and watch TV.

  16. kimberly says:

    My friend´s name is Gustavo.He is from taguatinga sul.
    He is twelve years old.
    His birthday is on December 19. His best friend Gabriel. His favorite singer Leonardo. His favorite band Detonautas. His hobbies basketball. He´s interested in Computer Games.

    Bye, Luiza

  17. Gabriel says:

    My friend’s name is Patricia. She is form Brasília. She is 14 years old. Her birthday is on october 9. Her best friend is Alani. Her favorite singer is Anahi. Her favorite band in [Linkin Park]. Her hobb is listening music. She’s intersted in Internet.

  18. Jéssica says:

    My frind’s name is João Gabriel.He’s from Taguatinga.He’s 13 years old.His birthday on July 11st.His best friend is his mother.His favorite singer is Madonna.His favorite band is Green Day.His hobbies are handball and soccer.His interested in technology.

  19. Tatyanna says:

    my frien’s name is diogo, he is from aguas claras, he is eleven years old, his birthday is on october 18 th. His favorite singer is Leonardo, his favorite band is Green Day, his hobbies are play video game and music.He is interested in sleep.

  20. Melyssa says:

    Hi,my best friend´s name is Samuel.He’s from in Plano Piloto,his favorite singer is Charlie Brown an favorite band is Green Day.His hobbies are soccer and judo,his birthday is on Mach 19.His best friend Gustavo.

    Bye, Mel.

  21. DD says:

    Ilike very much to your class
    my friend name is Tatiana and her age is 10 yeras old,she lives on Brasilia and her favorite singer is Avril Lavine,her hobies are dance and music,her best friend is Camila and her favorite band is greenday and her interested in dance

  22. samuel says:

    Hello, my name is Samuel.I am from Brazil.I study in school La Salle in Park Way.I am live in Águas Claras.I am love swimmying pool, it`s cool.

  23. Raphael says:


    I’m raphael
    I’m 12 years old
    Very good comments here!!! xD


  24. Antonio says:

    Hi My name is Antonio I’m leave in brasil brasilia i’m twelve year old youres blog is very nice bye…

  25. Gustavo says:

    Hi my name is Gustavo , I from Brazil , I live in Park Way.
    I love soccer, races and playing pc and I hate handball,and reading books…

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