What I like on TV.

Dear Inside out 3B’s 

Welcome to my blog. To begin with let me know about what you like to watch on TV. Something I have watched and really liked was The 4400. How about you? Have you seen it? What is your favorite show? Why do you like it? 

Also help me choose a title for this section of this blog. What name do you suggest? 



7 thoughts on “What I like on TV.

  1. Gabriela says:

    Well… My favorite show is Gilmore Girls.I like it because it\’s about the day after day of two friends : mother and daughter.

    Hi Gabi,

    Well Gilmore Girls seems to be a nice show, however, I think is really for girls, like you said. It is really about women. Most of my female students like it. Keep posting on the blog.

  2. marcos says:

    I like to watching in TV the news and movies and cartoons. I don\’t have a favorite show, because whatching a TV rarely.

  3. Wilson e Daniel (We are the man)cool!! says:

    I like to watch American Idol. This is a very known show in the united states and very popular too! I like to watch it because is cool to see good people singing 😀
    I\’m almost addicted. ~~

    I like to watch tv to waste time

    Wilson and Daniel,
    Thanks for posting. Like I told you I have nevr watched American Idol. I have heard it is good. I might give it a try. I also like seeing people singing and I will probably like it too.
    Daniel, just like you, I love wasting time in front of a TV set. It is one of my favorite free time activities.
    All the best!

  4. Cainã and Gustavo says:

    I like soccer,soap operas,Chaves,Ratinho,Big Brother Brasil,Vídeos Incríveis,Guiness the Word of Records,Programa do Jô.

    Cainã and Gustavo,

    You sure love watching TV. You probably do a lot of stuff in front of a TV set, don´t you?


  5. BRUNA says:

    My favorite programa is soap opera Belíssima.
    And all the news programs about Brasil and the world.I think that the TV is an important channel of comunication between the people.

    Well Bruna,

    Belissima is a good soap opera, however I rarely watch it because I am working. We Brazilians can be proud of our soap operas. They sure are the best in the world.

    Keep posting

  6. Anonimo e Black Doom says:

    I hate all the things that are on TV.
    There are a lot of boring´s progames that talking about clothes, soccer, games but don´t have any important and necessary information.
    So I hate it. hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

    Anonimo (Cool nick)

    You are not alone. Lots of people hate television just like you do. There is a lot of garbage on tv. I don´t blame you for hating it.

    I like watching Teen Titans, Smallville, The L Word, some animes (japenise cartoons)and movies with blood.
    Back Doom

    Back/Black Doom ( nice Pseudonym)

    You do like some cool shows. Staying up to midnight to watch the L world is really something.


  7. Anonimo e Black Doom says:

    Star Wars VII – The revenge of Anonimo and Black Doom

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