Teacher’s help

Hi dear students, 

This is a place for you to ask questions you have about anything concerning homework or any other class assignments or even any other subject related to English. 

Hope to make this page a reference for all of us. 

Big hug 

José Antônio 



3 thoughts on “Teacher’s help

  1. Hi

    It’s very good this form of communication. I’am with very doubts about lesson 10. It’s correct write this:-The buildings in Rome are much modern than the buildings in New York.- This exercise isn’t very difficult. The next exercise is more difficult much than this one.
    I’am confuse when use much or more. Can I use much than?
    Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi Artemis,
    This is indeed a nice way of communications and learning.
    About your question you would have to write “The buildings in Rome are much more modern than the …” or “São Paulo is much bigger than Brasília” You follow the same rules for comparatives (short and long adjectives) and add “much”. Ex. much faster, much more interesting. So it´s “much more + adj+ than” or “much + adj + er + than” Hope it is clear. If it isn´t, please contact me.
    All the best
    José Antônio

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