Happy Easter

To all of you my dear students, I would like to wish the happiest of all Easters. I wish you renew your faith in God and your hopes for a better life amongst the ones you love. And how about you? What does Easter mean to you? What are your expectations? Please leave your messages to your classmates or comment on these questions.

Best wishes  José Antônio 



9 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Artemis says:


    I dont have a religion, but when was a children I believed in rabbits whose brougth chocolates. When I lived in France, I talked about Easter with my friends.I said that the rabbits brought the chocolate eggs. Then, they said that I was stupided, because the rabbits didn’t put eggs. When I asked them, how is the Easter in France, they told me that were the bells that brought chocolates. So, I thing that they are stupided too.Goodbye.

  2. Bee says:

    I am of Polish origin so I do it Polish way. Easter is one of the most important celebrations in Poland together with Christmas. The children colour eggs with natural dyes (onion skins, beets, tea, herbs), write on them or paint them on Thursday and Friday. The family gets together and shares the egg, symbol of spring, fertility and renewal.

  3. allan says:

    At easter i stay in my house with my relatives. I like easter because i eat lot of chocolate eggs.

  4. At Easter I usually together of my family, the children receive eggs of chocolates, we pray and eat!!!

    Bye, bye people and God bless you!!!

  5. thamiris says:

    At Easter I ussualy eat a lot eggs of chocolat,I give presents to my friends and my boyfriend with eggs of chocolat…I enjoy the “Easter”. I always give presents too my family with surprise of Easter.

    Bye teacher….
    And Good Easter!

  6. Nármada says:

    Hi teacher!!
    At Easter I like to eat chocolate with my frieds,with my family I would like to eat chocolate with you!!
    kisses!! =**

  7. Renata says:

    At Easter I usually buy many chocolate eggs, because I like chocolate very much. I go out with friends.
    Bye happy Easter

  8. Joab fontenele says:

    At easter I usually eat a chocolate, buy some easter eggs for my family and give for my fryends. I don’t eat chocolate at night becuse my mom does not think it is a good idea.

  9. marise says:

    At easter usually stay home too may family.My husband and day jive pressent to my chil dren ,chocolate,and sweets
    by happ easter jose

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