Correcting composition on line

Dear students,Correcting compositions is a task that requires great effort from your part and from the teacher’s as well. The guide we give you in class is really helpful. Many of the corrections you will have to make will be just a matter of changing word order or other simple measures. Other times, however, you will probably need to consult a dictionary or do some kind of research in other sources. The guide below is intended to be a shortcut to help you out when you need to do this. I hope it is useful to you and I am open for suggestions to improve it and for helping you out with any difficulties you may find.

 Insert here lextutor type the word select “start with” and click on “search concordances”. you can also use VLC . This one will give you a list of words with the words coming before and after it.– 

Use lextutor also for word families, say, tell, ask, / However, but, although.

– If you want to see examples using the word just click on the word link to see a larger context.

– To view synonyms or antonyms (wrong word) consult a thesaurus  just type the words and you will see lots of related synonyms and antonyms. You will discover that a thesaurus is a really useful tool. 

– If the problem is punctuation you can check The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation . This is a good way of knowing about punctuation and the rules to use commas, periods, colons, etc.

– When the issue is spelling search just type the wrong word and the search will come with the question “Did you mean _______?” With the probable correct answer, just click and check.–