The Critical Literacy Winter School

 dsc00206.JPGThe session on Critical Literacy taking place in Brasília was really an inspiring event. Let me share some of the things I reflect on during and after the event. First we had the idea of deconstructing what we know, what we think we know. It is annoying sometimes to be placed on this position where the things we think we know for sure are just our perspectives into something and that others might have a different perspective. More than that is the fact our perspective is not even long lasting. Their nature is temporary and feeble and we do change our minds along the way. On the other hand this perspective of being in such a mutant stage frees us to be what we really are. But this freedom comes with responsibilities and brings with it new responsibilities towards ourselves the others.  


3 thoughts on “The Critical Literacy Winter School

  1. Pablo says:


    First of all, many thanks for your comment on my Blog……also needless to say that your remarks have greatly enhanced what I wrote there!

    As for this comment…’s very nice to know that I’m not the only one who thinks of deconstructing what we know. I strongly believe that ‘mild unlearning’ help us away from stiffness, from being aloof persons. Just as we change our cells completely once a week, we should be aware of change, and that mild unlearning, that is, to shed our skins once in a while, make us better human beings. That mutant state make us find our true essence, to let those ‘onion peels’ fall away.

    Thanks again, my friend!


  2. chrislima90 says:

    Hi Jose and Pablo

    Certainly you are not the only ones to think that deconstructing may be the way to better access this constant state of flow in which we all are involved. I’m not sure I’d say it’s annoying but it’s certainly unsettling. I’d venture to say it’s extremely empowering and liberating. 🙂

    Thanks a lot Jose for your comments on the event, here and in the Community forum.


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