Listening to Learners’ Voices

This presentation discusses the challenges related to being critical in a space with such an abundance of information as the cyber space. Adopting an approach of enquiry in such a space is  a way of deconstructing reality and creating meaning. The way Critical Literacy (CL) views language is likely to promote a more meaningful dialogue among students if teachers use such approach in creating content using multimedia. I truly believe that blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other web 2.0 tools provide a space for conversations that can take the classroom to the outside world. I recognize that sometimes it is a challenge to develop classroom activities with the CL approach without deviating so much from curriculum, but there is always a way and it is worth trying. A departure from textbook views and away from the predictable text interpretations will foster a more critical view of the world and will throw some light into important issues. Listening to learners’ voices is a way of having learners as content creators instead of content regurgitators.





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