Another Christmas Video

One of my contacts in Grouply shared this video card maker with the group. I decided to test it  and found it really interesting. You can record and customize a message for different occasions. A problem I see is that it generates a link only and not an embedding code. I decided to post it to my posterous blog (which is connected other blogs) and see how it works. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Merry Christmas to you all and may 2010 be a happy and successful year.

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Season Greetings with Tokbox



<a href=”TokBox”>”>TokBox – Free Video Chat and Video Messaging</a>

Gone are the days we sent real Christmas&amp;nbsp;cards. I used to send many. I guess I just got too busy or too addicted to the web.&amp;nbsp;Besides that, we&amp;nbsp;also have to save the&amp;nbsp;Amazon, don’t we?&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp; I am in favor of lesser and lesser paper and more interaction. So, this is my message for&amp;nbsp;the holidays. Hope you all&amp;nbsp;have a very Merry&amp;nbsp;Christmas and a wonderful New Year


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How to do almost anything with Posterous (Using Posterous for Quoting)

How to do almost anything with Posterous

By Martin Bryant on August 13, 2009

How to do almost anything with PosterousOnline sharing and blogging service Posterous has been getting a lot of attention recently. The development team is adding features regularly and it’s fast becoming the best way to share content with all your different social services while also keeping it all in one place too. The best bit is you can do it all via email.

With so many ways to use Posterous it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Here we’ll take you through everything you need to know about it and suggest a range of ways you can use it to make your online life easier.

The basics

I have been using posterous for a while and I am really amazed by how simple and useful it is. I have just discovered this blog post written by Martin Bryant talking about how many ways you can use this blog host and decided to quote it using the posterous bookmarking feature. I hope it is useful.

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McKinsey: What Matters: Using technology to improve workforce collaboration

Knowledge workers fuel innovation and growth, yet the nature of knowledge work remains poorly understood—as do the ways to improve its effectiveness. The heart of what knowledge workers do on the job is collaborate, which in the broadest terms means they interact to solve problems, serve customers, engage with partners, and nurture new ideas. Technology and workflow processes support knowledge worker success and are increasingly sources of comparative differentiation. Those able to use new technologies to reshape how they work are finding significant productivity gains. This article shares our research on how technology can improve the quality and output of knowledge workers.

An interesting article on the changes caused by the widespread use of technology.

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Stupeflix for videos

I am always amazed by the power of communities of practice. An e-friend of ours (Gilmar) posted a querry on our virtual community ( Learning With Computers ) asking for hints on video maker site. Some members (Ana Maria and Bob Palmer)  suggested Stupeflix. I tested it and loved it. I created a channel called teacher stuff and seached the tag teaching on flickr and twitter and this was what I got. Nice, isn’t it?

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Posting Everywhere

 ” . Dead simple blog by email.</a> via <a href=”kwout



One thing I like about posterous is its integration with other websites such as twitter, facebook, you tube, and other blog hosts (it is called autopost). This feature allows bloggers to post to lots of places. Being a tech freak I am, it makes me happy to see that I get to be a ubiquitous entity, a dream of most bloggers.  


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