#bratelsol10 Tools and Technologies for Forming Communities (Michael Coghlan)

Right now, I am attending Michael Coghlan presentation at Braz- Tesol and instead of threads on twitter, I have decided to post a summary here. Hope you all like it.
The appeal of online communities is that it allows you to connect with people you already know, people you share similar interests, people you already know via a different medium, and you meet new people.
Online communities can also be used for professional development, connecting remote learners,  and modeling a new way of learning for the 21st century (lifelong learning or networked learning).
A result of the constant flow of information is that you need a gang to manage it. People spread information using so many different media that at the end of this presentation there will be a flood of posts that a gang is needed to filter and manage the information.
One of Mike’s gang is the Webheads in Action (a community of internet enthusiasts that uses technology for teaching and learning). The webheads is a community that exists because of technology.
Before my battery dies, I will stop here and continue updates on twitter


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