Wikis as Portfolios I

I have just started using a wiki with my Teens 1 course. Students are between 10 to 12 years old. I have used wikis with young learners before and everytime I do it, I am always surprised at their creativity and their enthusiasm in owing a virtual space. I generally create accounts for them in Pbworks. I enter their names and the site generates usernames and passwords. They really have fun with the passwords assigned to them (always a combination of the name of an animal and a number followed by a fruit,for example, snake4mango. Everytime I do this, I get the chance to teach them English and some basic digital skills. I also try to teach them something about design. Sometimes they use pictures that are too large and I give feedback saying that smaller pictures make scrolling a bit easier and content more visible. They are just beginning and they loved when I browse their recently created pages in the data show in our class. I am realy looking forward to what will come out of this round of digital experience.


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